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blog - Teresa Habibian

A Conversation with Lisa Williams: International Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker & Teacher

Lisa Williams is arguably television’s most beloved, heartfelt Psychic Medium. I recently talked with her about her work and ideas as well as her planned visit to Salt Lake City to give a public talk and a day-long workshop this April.

Don't miss a magical weekend with Lisa Williams on April 21st and 22nd!

“A moment of absolute healing…”

Psychics and in particular Psychic Mediums (those who channel or connect us to our departed loved ones) can affect a meaningful piece of our healing. Who amongst us has not watched, enraptured, as a medium on TV connects to spirit and brings deep, familiar, reassuring messages of comfort to the living? The wholeness in the point of the connection where tears flow, guards drop, hope arises, and those who were (seemingly) separated are now in communion is palpable. Lisa Williams names this moment as one “of absolute healing.”

A pioneer in bringing psychic mediumship forward through media exposure (her two Lifetime series aired 2006-2009), Lisa lit up the screen and touched the hearts and possibilities of all who watched, with her characteristic compassion, relatedness, and exuberant likeability. Lisa, hosted by the Jung Society of Utah is bringing her gift to Salt Lake City, a city she fondly recalls as a “place of comfort,” to present An Evening with Spirit on Friday April 21, followed by an all-day workshop on Saturday titled Strengthening Your Connection with Spirit.

“Psychic development is unique to the individual”

The first qualities you notice about Lisa are her warm, gracious smile, and generous, adventurous gaze. She is present, delightful, and fully engaged—open and “all in.” I began with a question about her childhood experiences, and what the lack of these experiences mean to psychic hopefuls. “When I was a young girl, seeing Spirit and hearing Spirit was, I guess, normal,” she said. “I remember astral traveling, seeing Spirit in my living room, being absolutely overwhelmed by watching a funeral going on, and seeing people walking around hospital wards.” Then one of her more telling statements: “But it was all wrong, it was all wrong because I was told that it was wrong.” Admonished, young Lisa did not know what to make of these visions. Years later, with experience as a medium, she recognized that at a young age she was simply actually seeing Spirit.

All of us can develop our inherent psychic awareness.

She reassuringly adds that childhood visions are not necessary to be a psychic medium, and that anything can trigger this ability, such as a major accident, the loss of a loved one, and so forth. She emphasizes the importance of all of us developing our inherent psychic awareness toward a more spiritual, tuned-in life, and the significance of being allowed to develop in your own way, stating, “Psychic development is unique to the individual.”

“It is powerful…”

For Lisa, life as a medium is about service to Spirit first. “What I am doing is giving the energy that has crossed over a voice to say what they were not able to say, or what they need to say right now,” she said. “Then of course, I go into helping other people. When I have someone who is sitting there and they have lost their husband, their wife, their best friend, someone very significant in their life and I am truly able to bring through that person, it is powerful … In many respects, I do feel that the healing can help so many people.”

I asked Lisa if there were general messages from Spirit for all of us. She replied, “There are, definitely.” Among them: “Live life, open your heart, I’m sorry, and love more.” However, these can seem somewhat generic to people receiving readings. People want personal messages from their loved ones.

“I want everyone to realize; your gift is unique to you…”

I also asked Lisa what we can look forward to during her evening show and workshop. “I always say a lot of fun! The workshop is for people who want to take their gifts further,” she explained. “It is all day so they have plenty of time to pick my brain, and get individualized attention. Because not everyone develops in the same way, and I want everyone to realize; your gift is unique to you. So I help them open up and develop their own style, in their own way. We experiment, we let go, it is a lot of fun! We have a really good laugh. In the evening, it is primarily messages, I will jump from one person to the next giving messages, hope, healing, and comfort. I love doing them both, so I have a perfect thing that weekend.”

Each individual has unique psychic gifts.

Over the years, The Jung Society of Utah has brought many entertaining luminaries to Salt Lake City, including Coleman Barks, David Whyte, and Andrew Harvey. In that tradition, Lisa Williams’ upcoming talk and workshop promise to uplift, offer insights, and be a fantastic time for all that attend.

Don’t miss this magical weekend with Lisa Williams!

Lecture: An Evening with Spirit, Friday April 21st
Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm
Location: Thompson Music Chamber Hall, 1375 East Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah

Workshop: Strengthening Your Connection with Spirit, Saturday April 22nd
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Wasatch Retreat Center, 75 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah


For ticket information, please visit: http://nightwithspirit.brownpapertickets.com

For information on The Jung Society of Utah, please visit: http://jungutah.com

For information about Lisa Williams, please visit: http://www.lisawilliams.com


~Teresa Habibian is a contributing member of the Jung Society of Utah and lives with her son Frank in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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