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blog - Pamela Thompson

A Captivating Message From Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is a British author, religious scholar and teacher of mystic traditions, known primarily for his popular nonfiction books on spiritual or mystical themes. We could very well continue to speak of Andrew Harvey in terms lengthy credentials, and yet these merits rather detract from the larger-than-life character and force-of-nature his person exudes. If you’ve ever had a chance to meet or listen to the catalyzing figure of Andrew Harvey, it can be an earth-shaking encounter of a lifetime.

The Jung Society of Utah is excited to welcome Andrew Harvey back to Salt Lake City, October 27th - 29th!

Traveling the world over, Andrew Harvey proclaims the word of the Indwelling Divine; the internal abiding passionate love that wants to be known thorough us… and he does so unsparingly, with a rigorous accountability. Andrew’s own unwavering and contagious faith brings a compelling vision to his audience and to those who seek on one hand, for something beyond the placid trappings of the languid meanderings of some new-age teachings; or on the other hand, the restrained execution of denominational dogma.

Somewhere in between, but with a far more reaching in impact, Andrew has a unique way of melting the boundaries of obstruction away with his enthralling vision of the Divine, bringing his message to life and captivating even the most casual listener. He is exhaustively driven to wake people up and awaken the inner soul to its own fire and compassion, giving the unsuspecting listener a sense of impending purpose and will, and with a riveting thunder! There are very few harbingers of truth that have the unique capacity to galvanize and bring forth the internal consciousness of the Indwelling Divine to the individual and his conscious awareness than Andrew Harvey.

Image by Eric Ray Harker.

Andrew Harvey will be coming to Salt Lake City, on October 27th - 29th to present his vision of Rumi for our time. The beloved poetry of Rumi has long been read worldwide by those seeking the love of and direct communication with, the Divine. Through Rumi’s poetry, the voice of the Eternal Beloved, champions essential truths that we are desperate for, to preserve our humanity and all of nature. Andrew Harvey feels the return and popularity of Rumi's poetry and influence has the potential, indeed a key, to waking humanity in its slothful slumber and to remember its divine origins from whence we come and our truest identity.

In his book, The Way of Passion Andrew sheds light on the critical need for Rumi in our times:

“Rumi is increasingly seen for what he is—not only our supreme poet—but also an essential guide to the new mystical Renaissance that is struggling to be born against terrible odds in the rubble of our dying civilization. Rumi is a stern gentle awakener and doctor of souls trying to help us recover the vision of the enlightened heart before it’s too late and we destroy ourselves and our planet.”

“Rumi is someone whose realization was so complete, so multi-faceted, so infinite in its depth and intensity that he goes beyond all religious denominations and definitions to show humankind the fullness of what a human being in love with an empowered God can become.”

Image by Eric Ray Harker.

But what is this kind of love Andrew is speaking of exactly? The term “love” in our culture has been diluted, disseminated and sometimes even polluted as a superfluous sentiment for our every whim of expression and of those instances perhaps unworthy of its sacred name. As I spoke with Andrew, I wanted to understand what exactly he meant by this kind of love. He explained:

“The meaning of Divine Love is not like our own need to be loved, but the love from the fundamental nature of the Divine. And this love is a burning fire of passion that is creating all of reality. There are two essential aspects to this love:  A love full of tenderness, but also a ferocious love that destroys in order to create something new and liberate us and frees us from ourselves.”

Image by Eric Ray Harker.

Love is our truest identity; our Divine and most natural identity. But this love is not the least bit insipid, dull or lacking in depth and rigor of life. To be a lover of the Beloved is both an animating ecstasy, and a terrible love, asking for a “waking death” in order to experience the fuller meaning of Love’s lavish dimensions:

“This Love sacrifices all wise and awakened souls.
Cuts off their heads without a sword, hangs them without a scaffold.
We are the guests of the One who devours his guests.
The friends of the One who slaughters His friends.
When He sees a Joseph, He tears him apart like a wolf;
When He sees a believer, He slits his throat like a blasphemer.
We have offered Him our hearts, either to be consoled
Or, if killed, killed with humanity and mercy.
No, His breath gives back life to the one He’s killed.
Although by His gaze He brings death to so many lovers!
Let yourself be killed by Him, is He not the water of life?The Jung Society of Utah is excited to welcome Andrew Harvey back to Salt Lake City October 27th - 29th!
Don’t grow bitter, for the Friend kills with tenderness.
Keep your soul noble, for this noble love
Kills only kings near God and men free from all earthly ties.
We are like the night, earth’s shadow: He is the Sun;
He splits open the night with a sword soaked in dawn.”

- Rumi Odes

In his anticipated presentation, Andrew Harvey will share over 40 years of intensive study and translation of Rumi’s work. From the wealth of his own deep knowledge and powerful experiences, he will help us understand how we ourselves can connect and commune with the Eternal Beloved, and why this is so critical for our times.

Don’t miss an amazing weekend with Andrew Harvey!

Lecture: Andrew Harvey on Rumi and the Joy of Ecstatic Love

Andrew Harvey will present his vision of Rumi for our time.

Date: Friday Oct 27th, 2017
Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm (plus drinks, wine, and mingle afterwards till 10:00pm)
Location: The Leonardo
209 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Cost: $100 / $45 / $25

Workshop: Andrew Harvey and Machiel Klerk on Finding Hope, Joy and Empowerment in Disturbing Times

In this weekend workshop, Andrew Harvey and Machiel Klerk will provide a vision of how sacred activism can help you align yourself with the divine energies and powers into your destiny and mission.

Dates: Saturday Oct 28 - 9:30am - 5:00pm (hour lunch on your own)
Sunday Oct 29 - 9:00am - 3:00pm (hour lunch on your own)
Location: Wasatch Retreat Center
75 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Cost: Special discount: Pay only $155 before October 14th! ($175 after)

Purchase tickets HERE.


~Pamela Thompson
Team Host Lead
Jung Society of Utah

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