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Identifying Psychic Medium Scammers

While working at the Burghölzli Psychiatric Clinic under Eugen Bleuler in 1902, Carl Jung published his dissertation “On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena.” In this, Jung analyzed the séances of a young 15-year old medium which he attended. After hearing about a young girl displaying somnambulistic states and spiritualistic phenomena, Jung joined her sessions and for a period of 2 years fastidiously took note until the young medium starting to feel her powers failing and resorted to cheating, forcing Jung to depart.

Losing a loved one is one of the most devastating occurrences a human being can encounter, and also the primary reason for seeking out a psychic medium. People seek out psychic assistance for many reasons including guidance, a reassurance regarding the future or to make contact with a dearly-departed loved one in the hope that they can somehow still communicate with them. It is regrettably those who seek to contact the dead that are the most vulnerable when it comes to falling prey to a psychic scammer. The torment of losing someone close to you can cloud your judgment so significantly that your natural critical faculties are completely overridden by an overwhelming desire to speak to your loved one.

Three rules to help you determine if your psychic medium is real

  • A psychic should be completely detached and not inject any personal beliefs or opinions. It is after all your life and you did not seek psychic intervention to be subjected to personal opinions. A psychic has to be honest and refrain from hedging and holding back information. It is not their information to keep, it is yours to receive.
  • A psychic medium has to be accurate and very specific. If a reading is vague or if the details given regarding a departed loved one are not explicit, it can indicate that the medium is merely making broad statements that could fit into anyone’s life. Unless the medium can offer you relevant information that you have not previously disclosed changes are good that you are the victim of a psychic con-artist.
  • Let the reader do the talking. You should not need to disclose any information as that is what you are paying the psychic medium to do. A reputable medium will not have the need to ask any leading questions, they will be able to provide you with the answers you are seeking by means of their psychic intuition and not due to you providing them with most of the answers.

The world is inundated with relentless scammers who viciously rid us of our belief in all things spiritual. Before committing to any type of psychic reading or intervention make sure to get credible references: it can save you a lot of money and spiritual trauma in the end.


~Jane Sandwood
Freelance Writer


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