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What Jungian Questions Could You Ask a Psychic?

Many more people seek the help of psychics than we realize and the reasons are manifold. Some may be at a crossroads in their life, while others may need help with an impending decision, or have recently lost a loved one. Carl Jung himself attended seances many times in his lifetime.

In part, Jung’s interest in the supernatural was piqued by his cousin, who was said to be a talented medium. On the other hand, Jung himself had many experiences that touched on questions of transcendence and spiritual reality. He spoke of intimations of immortality, fascinating visions, and the theory of synchronicity (based on meaningful coincidences that were too meaningful to be considered spontaneous). Jung was only seven years old when he first witnessed an otherworldly apparition: “One night I saw coming from [my mother's] door a faintly luminous, indefinite figure whose head detached itself from the neck and floated along in front of it, in the air, like a little moon.”

How Can Our Readings of Jung Maximize Our Experience with a Psychic?

Jung’s writings on the paranormal, synchronicity, astrology and even ancient Chinese oracle systems approached spiritual matters from a multi-faceted perspective that would have undoubtedly made any psychic sessions he attended during his lifetime, as challenging for the medium as they were fascinating for those surrounding him. His writings can enhance our own psychic experience, inspiring us to ask psychics more than the typical questions about our health, love life, or messages from loved ones who have passed away.

The Meaning of Dreams: Jung’s early life in the Swiss countryside was filled with stories of “dreams which foresaw the death of a certain person, clocks which stopped at the moment of death, glasses which shattered at the critical moment.” List down recent dreams which may be perplexing and ask the psychic if these dreams have any relevance to future events.

Signs from Beyond: Jung’s colleague, Freud, initially questioned Jung’s belief in the paranormal but one evening, during an argument with Jung about the very subject, a strange detonation took place on Freud’s bookcase. Freud denied any possible parapsychological cause, but Jung predicted the event would occur again, and it did. Freud later wrote to Jung admitting how impressed he was by the event. Ask the psychic if any phenomena you may have witnessed are messages from someone you love who may be watching over you.

Synchronicity: Some coincidences are so improbable and meaningful, said Jung, that they must be tied to the supernatural. Ask the psychic about whether or not specific coincidences in your life (meeting people, accepting a job etc.) occurred because of a supernatural force; and how to be more open to this type of sign, which can so easily be missed.

Jung’s writings on the subject of the paranormal, synchronicity, astrology and related topics are rich and fascinating and provide us with a plethora of ideas about the truths that can be revealed when we tune in to symbols, meaningful coincidences, and dreams. Before visiting a psychic, a thorough reading of his works on the subject are certainly recommended, since they strengthen our ideas about the essential human need for a spiritual connection and provide us with ideas about how to make the most of our meeting with a psychic.


~Jane Sandwood
Freelance Writer

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