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Improve Your Employability Through The Teachings Of Jung

Improving your chances of becoming employed is all about rejecting the concept that your job says something about the type of person that you are. That way you will have the confidence to put yourself forward for new and interesting tasks and roles. Your strategy in getting a job should reflect the goals of Jung's Innocent archetype - simply to do things right and to be happy. It will open up a whole new world of employment to you, without compromising your integrity.

Do our jobs define us?

Have you ever met a stranger at a party and have them ask “So, what do you do?” The job that we do, in many people’s eyes shapes their impression and opinion of you. Why is being a doctor, or a firefighter held in more high esteem than selling shoes or cellphones? Your job doesn’t tell the world that you’re a good person. It says nothing about your religion or your moral beliefs. You job says nothing about how your choose to spend your free time, or what brings you joy in your life. So why should what you do to make money define you? Only 48% of people are satisfied with their jobs - they certainly wouldn’t want to be needlessly judged as a human being based on their career choices. Therefore this concept of whether a job is wrong or right for us, depending on what sort of person you are, is a strange one.

Jung and persona

We can look to Jung’s philosophy on persona to help us to. He said “Every calling of profession, for example, has its own characteristic persona.” (From Carl Jung: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, Volume 9, part I of The Collected Works) The word “persona” actually comes from the Greek, meaning “mask” - it actually refers to the types of masks that actors where on the stage. Our persona is simply the mask that we wear when we are on stage - when we are at work. When we are working we are playing a part, we are just delivering what is required. Neither should we hide behind this mask or our persona - your work is not who you truly are. Putting together information about your ethics, values and attributes on your resume would tell a potential employer far more about your life skills and personality. It can really show them how you will be of benefit to their company.

How can we take this knowledge forward?

When you are writing your resume, or are in a job interview, remember this. There is value in your life experiences, and how you would handle a situation. You are better to demonstrate to a potential employer your true self, than simply saying “I used to work as a dental nurse.” Show them your moral stance instead and you can improve your employability.

The teachings of Carl Jung can help you to discover yourself and get a job. It is about changing attitudes about what work really means.

~Jane Sandwood
Freelance Writer

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