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Interview with Michael Meade: Connecting with the Inner Truth of the Soul in Troubling Times

“If you’re in touch with your soul, you’re worth as much as the world—that was the old idea. The individual soul is in touch with the soul of the world. So, no change at the individual level of the soul, no change at the level of the world.” – Michael…

African Wisdom Traditions and Individuation

"The process of individuation is founded on the instinctive urge of every living creature to reach its own totality and fulfillment." - C.G. Jung What does it mean to become who you truly are and live an authentic life? Carl Jung created the term individuation, describing it as a process…

Depth Psychology: A Reflection

I am surprised and delighted that I find myself thinking about what to write regarding Depth Psychology. I first learned of Depth Psychology twenty five years ago, when I was introduced to a dream workshop and the teachings of Carl Jung. I found myself wondering how and when I would…

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