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Depth Psychology: A Reflection

I am surprised and delighted that I find myself thinking about what to write regarding Depth Psychology. I first learned of Depth Psychology twenty five years ago, when I was introduced to a dream workshop and the teachings of Carl Jung. I found myself wondering how and when I would…

Lucid Dreams

Suddenly you realize that there are no dinosaurs any more, and that you are in a dream. With astonishment you look around, as the surrounding looks totally real, you are in an Other World. The realization that you are aware that you are dreaming is called lucid dreaming. It is…

Sex in Dreams

You find yourself kissing your unattractive boss, or even you more grotesque a family member. In another dream you are in bed with a colleague who you had not really noticed before, or you are engaged in sex that you categorize as bad or pathological. How should we understand dreams…

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