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Love and Individuation

"Nothing is possible without love…for love puts one in a mood to risk everything.” - C.G. Jung Carl Jung used the term individuation to describe the “process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious for the purpose of realizing or fulfilling one's talents and potentialities.” Individuation usually begins with a…


Jung Society Think Tank – Interview with Think Tank Founder Justin Harnish

Why is the Jung Society hosting a think tank? Can I join? Think tanks are sometimes associated with political ideologies (and the risk of groupthink), but that's not what is planned here. Nor is this intended to be a gathering of psychoanalysts discussing ways to treat neuroses or interpret dreams.…


Jung and the Inner World

“This inner world is truly infinite, in no way poorer than the outer one. Man lives in two worlds.” - C.G. Jung In Carl Jung’s memoir, he wrote of experiencing an “other,” inner reality, in addition to the outer world. He believed in balancing identification with the external world by…


An Introduction to Type: Judging vs Perceiving

In this final installment in the series we continue our exploration of another component of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), a personality typology based on C.G. Jung's work of personality theory. Now we will examine how you and I prefer to deal with the outer world. The words in this…


Addiction: A Jungian Perspective

“[Addiction is] the equivalent, on a low level, of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness.” - C.G. Jung Carl Jung was highly influential in the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Jung intuited that those suffering from addiction were actually in search of the numinous, or a spiritual experience…

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