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Saturday September 30, 2017

Jung Society of Utah and Cirque Lodge Present

Jung and the Mandala

“The Mandala is a symbol of wholeness that tries to embrace the whole”; so said Carl Jung in an interview in 1957. Among the other things he said at the time were that the Mandala is the main archetype, an alchemical union of the circle and the square and often is an expression of either the Deity or the Self which he believed to be psychologically related. He also said that Mandala imagery often arises in dreams or other forms in times of psychic chaos or tension, offering compensation in the possibility of an inner order, a periphery and a center, bringing a sense of centering and healing to the whole. In this workshop we wish to explore and celebrate Jung’s deep wisdom about the healing power of Mandalas:Hindu term for a sacred circle.

Jung developed the use of Mandala creation originally for his own personal soul work. He later expanded its use as a therapeutic technique to draw out images or "cryptograms" that he believed revealed the state of the Self in a given moment or day. Mandala creation can be a useful inner work tool for centering oneself or a client and can provide a glimpse into the Soul, inner-being of an individual.

We will discuss the origins of Jung's use of Mandalas for inner work or in therapy with clients. In the context of the workshop you will have an opportunity to create your own Mandala, and if you desire, share about the image and experience with others. There will be time to ask questions about using Mandala drawing in your own innerwork as well, and if you are a clinician, how you might incorporate their use into your work with clients.

Presenters: Burton Fullmer is a Clinical Counselor with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology: University of Utah and Certificate in Process-Oriented Psychology: Process Work Institute of Oregon; working 20 years in mental health settings like Alpine Center and Cirque Lodge Sundance.

Beverly Roesch has served as the Clinical Director of Cirque Lodge since its beginnings. She has worked in the field of chemical dependency for over 25 years as both a clinician and an educator. Her passion and dedication for this work is on display each and every day with her commitment to the individuals and families treated at the Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab program.

This event is co-hosted by the Jung Society and Cirque Lodge. Cirque Lodge is the premier Addiction Treatment Center in Utah (www.cirquelodge.com)


Date: September 30th

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: 777 N Palisade Drive
Orem, Utah 84097

Cost: free (incl. 3CE)


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