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Saturday April 18, 2020

A Day of Embodiment

A Day of Embodiment

Saturday, April 18th Time: 10:30a till 3:30p
Location: Krishna Temple Salt Lake City
965 East 3370 South, Millcreek

$20.00 per person (Jung Society Members are free.)

Welcome to a gentle, experiential journey into the magic aliveness that is YOU. Many of us move through life living from our heads, from our conceptual filters, holding ourselves as separate beings. In this Day of Embodiment we invite you into a fuller and more intimate experience of yourself.

Our five presenters draw on a variety of practices —help you see through the mind-body dichotomy. Each session will illuminate different facets of you and will invite you into the exploration of your embodiment as a living investigation. No prior experience with embodiment practices is necessary. We trust that you will learn something useful and in the process we hope to make it fun.

Explore embodiment in any or all of these great speakers:


Luminous Life Maps - Moving Awareness and Your Inner Life

With Shannon Simonelli, Ph.D. at www.ShannonSimonelli.com

Bring your awareness to movement and let your movement metaphorsunlock your inner life...maybe you need more space, perhaps full permission from your feet to be where you are, or support to dance at your edge.  Discover the moving images of your Psyche or Soul through this embodiment journey.  Experience your path to personal calm, clarity and a confident base to move from in your daily life. This imaginal process will be a fun, gently facilitated musical moving/dance journey, art making and reflection to invite more coherence in your BodySpirit system.


The Art of Sitting With Carl Rabke at www.embodimentmatters.com

For many of us who take up the practice of meditation, the physical aspect of the sitting posture can be one of the most challenging elements of the practice. The sore knees, the aching shoulders, the feet falling asleep, the aching back– most often these are just taken as a “given” of sitting practice. We will explore how to find more ease, alignment and embodied  presence in the sitting posture of meditation. Whether you sit on the floor or in a chair, whether you have meditated for 30 years or never meditated before, these movement lessons can forever change the way you sit, both in meditation, and in everyday life.


Introduction to the Realization Process

With Sarah Hubbard, Ph.D. at www.integralpsychotherapypractices.com

The Realization Process, developed by Judith Blackstone, is a path for realizing undivided fundamental consciousness as your innermost nature. It’s a path for realizing yourself as the embodiment of presence and openness. It’s a path for feeling more at home in your own skin, more connected to yourself and to others. It’s a path that cultivates deep awareness and healing from trauma. In this session Sarah will guide you through several gentle meditations foundational to this path.


The Somatic Experience of Softening Your Learning Edge

With Carol Lessinger at www.carollessinger.com

A Learning Edge in movement is the place where you feel stiff, strained, or stuck. It might also be an indicator of stuck-ness in other aspects of your life. To become aware of your edge and to move past it is the content of this segment of the Embodiment Workshop. What is asked of you is to be gentle and slow enough in your actions to bring the learning edges to light. Then you will be given a way to compassionately move through them easily and with grace. Carol created this process through her own experience of somatic awareness.


Home is Where the Heart Is

With Sylvia Nibley at www.sylvianibley.com

...beating in your chest. Home is where the breath is moving into flesh. There is no place more worth exploring than this. In safe, playful space, discover more of the infinite landscape of your own life within your own body. What might happen when you move in a new way? Free a breath or two? Come and see. No serious experience necessary.

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