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Saturday October 3, 2015 Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center

Oct 3rd & Oct 4th: Introductory and Advanced Techniques for Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 Workshop on Introductory Techniques for Lucid Dreaming Your first lucid dream can be an unforgettable experience! Consciously aware within a lucid dream, you may have a sense of lucid euphoria, feeling the potential inherent in this magical state. But what if it only happens once a…

Friday October 2, 2015 Salt Lake City Library downtown

Oct 2nd: Friday Evening Lecture: Lucid Dreaming’s Potential for Personal and Spiritual Growth with Renowned Lucid Dreamer Robert Waggoner

Consciously aware in a dream, you can fly like Superman or perform magic like Harry Potter. But did you know that within a lucid dream, you can also meditate? Or actively work to achieve a healing of your physical or emotional self? Practiced for thousands of years in the wisdom…

Saturday June 13, 2015 Studio Elevn - 435 W 400 S Suite 304, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

June 13th – Dream Dialogue Workshop

Jung Society

Dream Dialogue A relational and experiential approach towards dreaming Saturday workshop: We will explore how dreams can be used as an awareness practice. This has roots in the lucid dreaming and the old Buddhist tradition of dream yoga. In order to do that we will look at three basic characteristics…

Friday June 12, 2015 Downtown Salt Lake City Library, 400 South / 210 east, SLC, UT.

June 12 – Jung Society Season Finale – Dream Dialogue

Machiel Klerk

Jung Society Season Finale Dream Dialogue A relational and experiential approach towards dreaming Friday evening: Jung Society of Utah president Machiel Klerk discusses his method of working with dreams known as Dream Dialogue. Machiel shares personal anecdotes on how he developed the tenets of this unique approach to dreamwork. He…

Thursday April 9, 2015 Saltair Room, U of U. 200 Central Campus Dr; Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

April 9 – Richard Tarnas on Synchronicity

The highway’s made for gamblers, better use your sense Take what you have gathered from coincidence . . . Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home Jung’s concept of synchronicity represents one of the most successful efforts of the twentieth century to create a bridge across the chasm between inner…



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