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Suddenly you realize that there are no dinosaurs any more, and that you are in a dream. With astonishment you look around, as the surrounding looks totally real, you are in an Other World.

The realization that you are aware that you are dreaming is called lucid dreaming. It is an experience that 10-15% of the population reports to have had at least once in their life, and it can be learned and developed. Once you are aware that you are lucid, it opens up the possibility to explore the dream environment. You can do fun stuff such as flying, stepping through a wall, have objects appear and disappear, seek help from dream figures for creative or spiritual practices, or find healing for an illness.

This can be extremely beneficial, yet in order to do that, you have to be lucid, and here are some techniques that might help you become lucid in your dream. A famous widely used suggestion comes from a book in which Don Juan teaches Carlos Castaneda to look at his hands before he falls asleep and tell himself: “Tonight, I will see my hands in my dream and I will realize that I am dreaming.” You should do that for several minutes.

Another method/technique is to ask yourself throughout the day: “Am I dreaming or am I awake?” Don’t immediately shift too, ‘Oh I am awake,’ because in a dream you also think that you are awake. See if you can let an object appear or fly, even if it feels silly to you. It might become a habit and then in a dream you will catch yourself doing it, and then realize that you are dreaming.

Often within a day or two you will have a lucid dream. However don’t give up too fast, sometimes it takes several days or a week or more before it happens.

Besides some of the fun explorations, once you’re lucid, you can also start asking dream figures what they represent and they might give you very interesting answers. You can ask if there is someone who has a message for you or some important information. This has proven to be very helpful. Come prepared with a question, you can ask “Dreaming, can you show me a solution to my problem around my work or relationship?”

Or you might be ill or in pain and want to get in touch with the innate healing power of the dream, you can do that for example by asking to see the dream doctor. Or ask the dream if there is a healing drink available that you can have.

Be respectful, curious, explore, have fun and tap into the deep wisdom of your soul by becoming conscious in your dream.


Would you want to work on a dream where you are puzzled about the sexual nature of it, then contact Machiel Klerk, LMFT
Machiel Klerk – Jungian oriented Mental Health Therapist with a private practice in Salt Lake City and founding president of the Jung Society of Utah.
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