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About Us

The Jung Society of Utah is a non profit organization that started in 2009 with providing lectures, workshop and education on Jung and depth psychological perspectives to the local community. Since then it has flourished and attracts between 175 and 300 people per event.

There is a deep sense of community by the local creative, soulful and reflective participants. A sense of Eros for learning, and connecting in a deep meaningful way with fellow locals. The group explores a wide variety of topics that touch on topics on how to live a meaningful and experience a fulfilling life.

The Mission

The mission of the Jung Society of Utah is to deepen the experience of the creative spirit through psychological and philosophical education, artistic expression, expansive perspectives and creation of
a soulful community.

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The Vision

A community of soulful people creating opportunities to fulfill dreams and discover new ways of sustainable being.

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Incredible Blog Posts by our Talented Members

What Is Synchronicity?


Charles Stanford

Synchronistic events provide an immediate religious experience as a direct encounter with the compensatory patterning of events in nature as a whole, both inwardly and outwardly. - C.G. Jung We have plenty of evidence that we live in a universe of random interaction, where things often happen for no apparent reason. Centuries of skeptical rational inquiry have shown how causes and effects are governed not by a controlling will but by countless little operations of natural laws. There is some liberation and even comfort to be found in this fact, but when it comes to directing our lives as human beings and not robots, it is demoralizing to face a universe devoid of meaning. And sometimes…

Begin Work In Trauma, Friend of Imagination


Andrea Jivan

"Not  “Revelation” –‘tis – that waits, But our unfurnished eyes-" -Emily Dickinson Ever found yourself telling a tale about the past begrudgingly, either because its telling has become numb standard, or because that telling is a secret lynch pin to an ominously unsafe reservoir of experiences?  “What were you like as a kid?” new friends or lovers might inquire. And the worn old tale spills off the same groove in the wax of your past, or the whole matter is deftly skipped over.  Many personal histories are marked by emotional or physical violence, instability, parental indifference, and varieties of cause for shame and self-devaluation. While our responses to trauma differ, there are few adults ambling about…

Loneliness and Solitude: A Jungian View


Amanda Butler

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself.” - C.G. Jung Loneliness can be described as “perceived social isolation, or the discrepancy between what you want from your social relationships and your perception of those relationships.” People are often ashamed of feeling lonely, but loneliness is increasingly common: Time Magazine and the Huffington Post recently published articles describing loneliness as a growing public health concern. How then can we address this common, yet painful experience? Loneliness as a messenger Loneliness can be experienced by anyone, even those who are surrounded by other people. Personally, some of my loneliest experiences have involved…

Pop Psychology? Jungian Concepts in Popular Mu...


Charles Stanford

That was what my father had not understood, I thought; he had failed to experience the will of God, had opposed it for the best reasons and out of the deepest faith . . . He had taken the Bible's commandments as his guide; he believed in God as the Bible prescribed and as his forefathers had taught him. But he did not know the immediate living God who stands, omnipotent and free, above His Bible and His Church, who calls upon man to partake of His freedom . . . then came the dim understanding that God could be something terrible. (Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, trans. Richard and Clara Winston, 40) I saw my…

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