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About Us

The Jung Society of Utah is a nonprofit organization that started providing lectures, workshop and education on Jung and depth psychological perspectives to the local community in 2009. Since then it has flourished and attracts between 175 and 300 people per event.

There is a deep sense of community amongst the creative, soulful and reflective participants. Please join us, and share in a sense of Eros for learning and connecting with fellow locals. The group explores a wide variety of topics that explore how to live and experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.



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As a non-profit, volunteers are the life blood of The Jung Society of Utah and we love our volunteers and all they do to keep the Society going. The following are our current volunteer needs. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Machiel Klerk at machielklerk@hotmail.com




The Mission

The mission of the Jung Society of Utah is to deepen the experience of the creative spirit through psychological and philosophical education, artistic expression, expansive perspectives and creation of
a soulful community.

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The Vision

A community of soulful people creating opportunities to fulfill dreams and discover new ways of sustainable being.

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Incredible Blog Posts by our Talented Members

The Goddess Notes IV: Oya, Orisha of Wind and ...

Andrea Jivan

 Nupe way station
 To the nether world
 Linking us with ancestors Oya
 Preserver of links
 Yet as wind 
    As hurricane
 As tornado
 As lightning A destroyer
 A woman to her core
 In Africa
 Venerated Goddess Oya
 Weather goddess
 Oya of the wind
 Playful Refreshing
 Driving tornadoes Oya of shifting shapes and forms
 Goddess Oya Orisha Oya Goddess of winds
 Oya of Nupe
 Feminine to the core
 Oya of Nupe
 Oya patron of feminine leadership
 Protector of women
 Protector in negotiations Oya
 Venerated by Yoruba followers In the new worlds of
 The Caribbean
 In Cuba and Brazil Oya mother of nine

A Jungian Approach to Marketing

Jung Society

Americans see on average 4,000 advertisements every day. This means that companies are having to go to extra lengths with their marketing in order to get noticed. Understanding consumer psychology is the key to marketing, and looking to the teachings of Carl Jung can give us some real insights into how advertising can change the way we think. In particular, Jung had a unique perspective about how emotions and our unconscious can affect the decisions that we make. His philosophies can teach us about how and why we respond to the products and services that are marketed. Drawing emotion into a marketing campaign The most effective type of marketing calls to us on a personal level. Jung wrote that “Thinking tells us…

A Jungian Approach to Tinder

Jung Society

The nature of relationships is changing, with the internet now the second most common way for couples to meet. Attitudes towards online dating have also become more positive, with many accepting it as a legitimate way to meet new people. However, love as a psychological emotion hasn’t changed. So what would Jung make of relationships in the 21st Century? In a world where Tinder is responsible for a growing number of marriages, it is important that young couples learn how to navigate a rapidly changing approach to relationships. Respecting Individuality and Identity One way in which relationships have changed in modern years is terms of the status between the male and female, as well as the rise of same-sex couples.…

Finding Your Spiritual Self At The Edge Of Cra...

Jung Society

Carl Jung wrote that "to be "normal" is the ideal aim for the unsuccessful."  Normalcy, in other words, is to live a life of mediocrity. He was further of the belief that such averageness could render the distinctive yearning for personal wholeness dormant. Many individuals seeking spiritual wholeness turn to traveling as it is commonly believed that when we travel, the labels of our daily lives fall away. Our identities are rendered fluid and we become mere travelers.  The world lays scattered with destinations of vast spiritual significance and being able to explore them would make for substantial gratification. The USA also boasts a number of sacred locations with one of them, Crater Lake, situated approximately 760 miles…

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