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About Us

The Jung Society of Utah is a nonprofit organization that started providing lectures, workshop and education on Jung and depth psychological perspectives to the local community in 2009. Since then it has flourished and attracts between 175 and 300 people per event.

There is a deep sense of community amongst the creative, soulful and reflective participants. Please join us, and share in a sense of Eros for learning and connecting with fellow locals. The group explores a wide variety of topics that explore how to live and experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.



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As a non-profit, volunteers are the life blood of The Jung Society of Utah and we love our volunteers and all they do to keep the Society going. The following are our current volunteer needs. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Machiel Klerk at machielklerk@hotmail.com




The Mission

The mission of the Jung Society of Utah is to deepen the experience of the creative spirit through psychological and philosophical education, artistic expression, expansive perspectives and creation of
a soulful community.

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The Vision

A community of soulful people creating opportunities to fulfill dreams and discover new ways of sustainable being.

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Incredible Blog Posts by our Talented Members

A Conversation with Lisa Williams: Internation...


Teresa Habibian

Lisa Williams is arguably television’s most beloved, heartfelt Psychic Medium. I recently talked with her about her work and ideas as well as her planned visit to Salt Lake City to give a public talk and a day-long workshop this April. Don't miss a magical weekend with Lisa Williams on April 21st and 22nd! “A moment of absolute healing…” Psychics and in particular Psychic Mediums (those who channel or connect us to our departed loved ones) can affect a meaningful piece of our healing. Who amongst us has not watched, enraptured, as a medium on TV connects to spirit and brings deep, familiar, reassuring messages of comfort to the living? The wholeness in the point of…

Contest Entry: Grandma, Grandpa, and the Chief


Jung Society

Did you know you can win a free ticket to the Jung Society of Utah's special event with psychic medium Lisa Williams? Read one of the featured entries in our contest, then find out how you can enter by sharing your experience of The Other World in Everyday Life! I inherited Resting Bitch Face from my paternal grandmother. We look like Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. She was “the grandmother who never smiles,” and she gave me her temper, her drama, her hypochondria, her melancholia, her claustrophobia, her habit of downing coffee creamers like shots at a restaurant, her compulsion to hoard animals (she’s birds; my sister Christine is cats; and I’m anoles…

Suicidal Proclivity and Psychodynamic Perspect...

Blaze- Tsang Chui-mei

Andrea Jivan

You ask why I make my home in the mountain forest, I smile and am silent, And even my soul remains quiet: It lives in the other world Which no one owns. The peach trees blossom. The water flows. ~ Li Po, (yr. 701-761)   Youth, soldiers, the once faithful, musicians, artists and craftsmen, writers, the poor and wealthy alike, those in old age, those in pain, eminent talents at the height of their captivating gravity, solitary mothers, misfit fathers, lovers trapped by culture, few are immune to the dolorous tone made by rumination or execution of suicide. Many of us know a person who succumbed to its dirge; sometimes a member of our own family.…

Theresa Holleran on The Shadow Dance of the Fe...


Amanda Butler

When Theresa Holleran was in her early thirties, she read the Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation, and discovered the work of Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman. Her dream world and creativity was profoundly enlivened with new images and inspirations. In her twenties she had been an activist in the Women’s Movement, and had awakened to the possibility of living her own free life, despite the gender conditioning she received from the nuns during her Catholic education. But she knew intuitively there was something more to this path of authenticity. Marion’s work illuminated the “Sacred Inner Marriage”- the realization that every man and woman, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference, could discover and fully live the…

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