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About Us

The Jung Society of Utah is a nonprofit organization that started providing lectures, workshop and education on Jung and depth psychological perspectives to the local community in 2009. Since then it has flourished and attracts between 175 and 300 people per event.

There is a deep sense of community amongst the creative, soulful and reflective participants. Please join us, and share in a sense of Eros for learning and connecting with fellow locals. The group explores a wide variety of topics that explore how to live and experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.



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As a non-profit, volunteers are the life blood of The Jung Society of Utah and we love our volunteers and all they do to keep the Society going. The following are our current volunteer needs. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Machiel Klerk at machielklerk@hotmail.com




The Mission

The mission of the Jung Society of Utah is to deepen the experience of the creative spirit through psychological and philosophical education, artistic expression, expansive perspectives and creation of
a soulful community.

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The Vision

A community of soulful people creating opportunities to fulfill dreams and discover new ways of sustainable being.

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Incredible Blog Posts by our Talented Members

Book Review: Knowledge in a Nutshell: Carl Jun...

Amanda Butler

“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is” 1 - C.G. Jung Knowledge in a Nutshell: Carl Jung provides an introduction to Jung's in an easy-to-understand format. “Jungian psychology is something that we do,” Gary Bobroff writes in Knowledge in a Nutshell: Carl Jung. “Its work is to come into greater relationship with ourselves, to discover and relate to parts of ourselves beyond our regular conscious awareness.”2 As a Jungian-oriented therapist, I have found this to be true, and Jung’s body of work can be a powerful guide on the difficult journey of creating this relationship with oneself. However, for those…


Shannon Simonelli

Autumn...Fall. Really the perfect word for this season and the many  invitations to FALL - to let go, that this time of year naturally brings. It seems to me we are in a major cycle of death and endings. That we are all having our feet held to the fire in some way. Being required to both let go and hold on to what matters. The words I keep hearing are to: build our capacity to stay present. To stay awake to what is happening in our personal heart, in our communities, country and the global community. Right now there are fires and power outages, there are riots and death, there are political upheavals in multiple…

Active Imagination and the Transcendent Functi...

Shannon Simonelli

See Part 1 here. We tend to be binary creatures. Do we like “this” or “that”? Is “this” the safest way or is “that”? Our brains learn through binary processes, and our ego tends to process this way as well. Polarity. Are we included or excluded, cool or a dork, healthy or ill? On and on it goes. An example of polarity I see a lot in my work and have experienced in my own growth process is one of Inflation and Deflation. The painful swing between experiencing yourself, an idea, activity or relationship from Inflation as: ‘the best’, the ‘most magical’ or from Deflation as: ‘the worst’, the most painful’, an ‘utter failure’. You get…

Active Imagination and the Transcendent Functi...

Shannon Simonelli

These are big concepts with whole books written about them. Jung and others have given us the gift of articulating them throughout their life work, explicating meaning and filling out the picture of these concepts. I like the idea of boiling them down to an essential seed thought – to let that seed thought work itself into your own inner knowing, and sprout your own connection with the essence of these organic and natural processes moving us ever towards our own inner work and inherent wholeness. Active Imagination – “ …a natural process, a manifestation of the energy that springs from the tension of opposites, and it consists in a series of fantasy-occurrences which appear spontaneously…

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