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Pure Food and Alchemy: Salt Lake City Transmuted into a Night of Swiss Revelry

The Jung Society of Utah will hold its Second Annual Fundraising dinner Alchemy, Art and Food on Saturday, October 10, 2015 in the Odd Fellows Hall, (26 W Market Street, Salt Lake City).  The dinner will be a wonderful opportunity for all those who have interest in psychology, philosophy, myth,…


Alchemy and the Reflective Process: An Interview with Robert Bosnak

Starting November 5th, 2015, Robert Bosnak will teach a 10-week course via JungPlatform.com based on James Hillman's Silver and the White Earth. Sign up before October 11th for an Early Bird Discount here. Jung Society staff writer Pamela Thompson sat down with Robert Bosnak to discuss the reflective process and the…


An Introduction to Type: Thinking vs. Feeling

We continue our exploration of another component of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), a personality typology based on C.G. Jung's work of personality theory in this fourth installment of the introduction to type. This time, it's about how you make your decisions, either by objective reasoning (called Thinking, represented by…


Robert Waggoner on the Transformative Potential of Lucid Dreaming

Author and dream expert Robert Waggoner will share his insights about lucid dreaming at the Jung Society of Utah’s spectacular season opener the weekend of October 2, 2015. He answers some questions about lucid dreaming and its extraordinary potential for advancing personal and spiritual growth in the interview below. Robert…


An Introduction to Type: Sensing vs Intuition

As we continue to explore the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument), a personality typology based on C.G. Jung's work of personality theory, we'll explore another main component of type:  how you define and take in information. It's a learning dichotomy of either Intuition (represented by an N), preferring to take in…

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