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Pop Psychology? Jungian Concepts in Popular Music – Answers to Job: Jung and Nick Cave and God

That was what my father had not understood, I thought; he had failed to experience the will of God, had opposed it for the best reasons and out of the deepest faith . . . He had taken the Bible's commandments as his guide; he believed in God as the…


Interview: Thomas Moore on Creating Soulful Relationships

“How can we know ourselves by ourselves? . . . Soul needs intimate connection, not only to individuate, but simply to live. For this we need relationships of the profoundest kind through which we can realize ourselves, where self-revelation is possible, where interest in and love for soul is paramount.”…


Interview: Thomas Moore on Soul Mates

“I found [my soul] again only through the soul of the woman.” - C.G. Jung Carl Jung wrote in The Red Book about coming to know his own soul through relationship with an other. According to author Thomas Moore, our deepest connections with others often teach us the most about…


Book Review: The Unseen Partner

“I have again and again been faced with the mystery of love, and have never been able to explain what it is...For we are in the deepest sense the victims and the instruments of cosmogonic “love.”” - C.G. Jung The Unseen Partner: Love and Longing in the Unconscious is a…


Active Imagination

"From the beginning I had conceived my voluntary confrontation with the unconscious as a scientific experiment which I myself was conducting and in whose outcome I was vitally interested. Today I might equally well say that it was an experiment which was being conducted on me." - C.G. Jung, Memories,…

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