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The Goddess Notes IV: Oya, Orisha of Wind and Storm, Queen of the Dead, Goddess of the Marketplace

 Nupe way station
 To the nether world
 Linking us with ancestors Oya
 Preserver of links
 Yet as wind 
    As hurricane
 As tornado
 As lightning A destroyer
 A woman to her core
 In Africa
 Venerated Goddess Oya

A Jungian Approach to Marketing

Americans see on average 4,000 advertisements every day. This means that companies are having to go to extra lengths with their marketing in order to get noticed. Understanding consumer psychology is the key to marketing, and looking to the teachings of Carl Jung can give us some real insights into how advertising can…

A Jungian Approach to Tinder

The nature of relationships is changing, with the internet now the second most common way for couples to meet. Attitudes towards online dating have also become more positive, with many accepting it as a legitimate way to meet new people. However, love as a psychological emotion hasn’t changed. So what would Jung make…

Finding Your Spiritual Self At The Edge Of Crater Lake

Carl Jung wrote that "to be "normal" is the ideal aim for the unsuccessful."  Normalcy, in other words, is to live a life of mediocrity. He was further of the belief that such averageness could render the distinctive yearning for personal wholeness dormant. Many individuals seeking spiritual wholeness turn to traveling as…

The Goddess Notes III: Artemis (Diana), Goddess Of The Wild Things

Self-Portrait as Artemis It wasn’t long before I rose into the silk of my night-robes and swilled the stars and the beetles back into sweetness—even my fingernails carry my likeness, and I smudge the marrow of myself into light. I whisper street- car, ardor, midnight into the ears of the…

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